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Building Permit Application Assistance (Complete Sets of Plans / Signed & Sealed)

Residential Construction:

1. New Home Construction: Crafting single-family residences or multi-unit housing structures from the ground up.

2. Home Renovation: Revitalizing or modernizing existing homes to align with contemporary design and functionality.

3. Home Additions: Expanding homes by incorporating extra floors, rooms, or extensions.

4. Roofing Services: Installing, repairing, or replacing residential rooftops.

Commercial Construction:

1. Corporate Complexes: Developing office spaces and corporate hubs to cater to commercial needs.

2. Retail Establishments: Constructing retail outlets and comprehensive shopping centers.

3. Hospitality Ventures: Building restaurants, hotels, and hospitality destinations.

4. Industrial Facilities: Creating warehouses and industrial spaces for manufacturing and storage.

Civil Engineering:

1. Water and Sewer Infrastructure: Laying down and maintaining water supply and sewer systems.

Specialty Construction:

1. Sustainable Building: Crafting environmentally conscious and sustainable structures.

2. Educational Institutions: Establishing educational spaces, from schools to universities.

3. Healthcare Facilities: Building hospitals, clinics, and medical centers.

Interior Design and Fit-Outs:

1. Office Interiors: Designing and constructing office interiors, incorporating partitions and furnishings.

2. Retail Space Design: Formulating store layouts, display arrangements, and fixtures.

3. Residential Interiors: Enhancing home aesthetics through interior design and finishing.

Electrical and Plumbing Services:

1. Electrical Setup: Wiring and installation of electrical systems in buildings.

2. Plumbing Solutions: Setting up water supply, drainage, and plumbing fixtures.

Demolition Services:

1. Controlled Dismantling: Safe and controlled removal of existing structures.

Landscaping and Exterior Work:

1. Landscaping Creations: Designing and developing outdoor landscapes, gardens, and hardscapes.

2. Paving and Concrete Work: Constructing driveways, sidewalks, and concrete structures.

3. Fencing and Security: Crafting security barriers and fencing solutions.

Project Management:

1. Comprehensive Oversight: Supervising projects from inception to fruition, involving budgeting, scheduling, and task coordination.

Consulting and Engineering Support:

1. Expert Consultation: Providing architectural, engineering, and construction consulting services.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the range of Construction Maintenance Services in Philippines offered may vary, contingent on the individual construction company’s size, capabilities, and specialization. Some firms may focus on specific niches, while others might provide a broader array of services.