First, we will know what exactly is the Construction Project Scheduling and why we have schedules. We will also talk about why they’re important on projects, and how they should be used.

construction project scheduling
construction project scheduling

What Is Construction Scheduling?


A construction project schedule might be graphic or written representation of the projected completion of the project or constructed. It could be a description shown as a bar graph or a CPM schedule. A contractor’s bid and a construction schedule are comparable. Just as a contractor’s bid, it is an estimate of its cost that it expects to spend to build the project, the schedule represents an estimate of the time required to construct the project. 

What Is A Construction Scheduler?

The project manager/construction scheduler is responsible for scheduling construction is the one who is in charge of developing and upholding the project schedule. Schedulers actually fall into two categories. One is a button pusher, someone who updates data from one party after taking it from another in scheduling programs. Then the second one is I would refer to as a professional scheduler, a person that is knowledgeable about what building entails and methods, in addition to the software’s capabilities. Most importantly, they are aware of what construction scheduling best practices and how to apply them into the project schedule.

Construction Scheduling Basics

For every construction project, there is a lot of work that must be done before contract completion. In nearly every case, a construction contract will require the contractor to complete the project within a specific duration or by a specified completion date. The construction project schedule provides a detailed description and representation of how the contractor plans to construct the project’s work scope. That work scope is represented by the schedule’s work activities, how long they’re going to take, and their sequence. One thing to remember is that a construction project schedule is the only project management tool that can forecast when the project will finish.

The construction schedule is based on the contract, the plan, and how the work should progress to forecast and when the project is expected to finish.

Why Do We Need Project Schedules?

As projects become more complex and have tighter budgets, we need schedules to help us manage our construction projects. As a construction project management tool, a schedule enables the project participants (not just the owner, the contractor, the engineer, or the architect) to understand the plan for completion. It allows the parties to coordinate all the elements of the work. 

The schedule allows us to identify not just what the work is, but the responsibilities of each party, and the party responsible for each of the activities. It allows us to track performance. Ultimately, having a reasonably accurate schedule, be that a bar chart or a CPM schedule, will also enable the project participants to identify and resolve project delay as it occurs.